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Just As No Darkness Exists At The Center Of The Sun

“Just as no darkness exists at the center of the sun,
To a yogi, universe and beings all arise as deities –
And the yogi is content.

Just as no ordinary stones exist on an island of gold,
To a yogi all sound resound as mantras –
And the yogi is content.

Just as a bird crossing a clear, empty sky leaves no trace,
To a yogi all thoughts arise as the absolute –
And the yogi is content.

In the vastness of awareness not confined to formal sessions,
To a yogi all mediation is relaxed and at ease –
And the yogi is content.

Free from the workings of mind,
I realize that phenomena are the absolute state.
You, my friend, should realize this too.
Don’t trust intellectual teachings –
Recognize that vast and unborn sameness.”

~ Lama Shabkar

Image: ‘Alive‘  Sierra de Grazelema, Andalusia, Spain.