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When You See A Lofty Mountain…


“When you see a lofty mountain
Be reminded of the inner view;
The view is the teacher’s mind,
Inseparable from the nature of your own.

When you see a lovely forest,
Be reminded of experiences and realization;
Have no hopes of doubts about them,
They are all the teacher’s play.

When you see a garden of flowers
Be reminded of action, naturally free;
All actions in harmony with Dharma
Are the teacher’s perfect life.

However deluded your thoughts may be,
They are abut products of your intellect.
If you set your thoughts free
Where nothing arises, remains, or ends;
They will vanish into emptiness.
That naked emptiness is the guru:
Primordial wisdom beyond intellect.”

~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Image:  ‘Pilgrims‘  Mount Kailash, Tibet.